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Wow a Ton of STUFF!

demoWelcome Alan to our Intro Program! It is great to have you! Also, congratulations to all our students that promoted in November to their new ranks!

Updated: December 14th, 2012


Current & Upcoming Stuff

demoCongratulations to all our color belt students on your NEW rank! Remember next black belt test (and color belt test) is on May 18th, train HARD!

Updated: October 15th, 2012


MMAL Fall Camp 2012

demoWow, what a weekend! Over 50 Campers, 8 of the best martial arts Masters in the world and a ton of hard work! A weekend full of TaeKwon-Do, Kum-Do, JuiJitsu, Marine Combat training, Sparring, Forms, Weapons and Breaking!

Updated: October 15th, 2012

Our History

Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts was started in 1985 under the name "American Martial l Arts Center", and operated under that name until the end of 2010.  At that time it was decided we would change our focus from running a successful, commercial martial arts school to running a traditionally focused program teaching the disciplines of TaeKwon-Do, Kung-Fu and Aikido.

In January of 2011 Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts was born and we invited only the most dedicated students that trained with us at the American Martial Arts Center to continue to train with us at Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts.



Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts offers instruction in TaeKwon-Do, Jujitsu/Aikido, Kung-Fu and Self-Defense.  Since the core curriculum at the school is TaeKwon-Do, we address the history of TaeKwon-Do here.  

On April 11th, 1955 the name TaeKwon-Do was chosen for a martial art that General Choi, Hong Hi had developed using elements from Tae Kyon (an ancient Korean kicking martial art) and Shotokan karate a Japanese martial art that General Choi learned while studying in Japan during the Japanese occupation of Korea. 

ITF TaeKwon-Do more than all other martial arts is soundly based in science, particularly Newtonian physics.  Through the use of sine wave the student utilizes the principles of Newton’s Law to increase the efficient transfer of their body’s momentum and power into the attacking adversary. 

In his encyclopedia of TaeKwon-Do General Choi describes TaeKwon-Do as follows:

“TaeKwon-Do consists of training of the mind and body in techniques of unarmed combat for self-defense as well as health.  It involves the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with the bare hands and feet for the rapid incapacitation of an opponent or opponents.”

The philosophical values and the goals of Taekwon-Do are firmly rooted in the traditional moral culture of the Orient (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit) and are further represented in our Student Oath:

  • I shall observe the Tenets of TaeKwon-Do
  • I shall respect my instructors and seniors
  • I shall never misuse TaeKwon-Do
  • I shall be a champion for Freedom and Justice
  • I shall strive to build a more peaceful world 

Come workout and see how our focus and Master McDaniel's 35+ years of martial arts teaching experience sets Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts apart from the plethora of martial arts schools in Madison.



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Teaching Focus, Strength and Discipline through Martial Arts
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